in i norden

dogsledding & scandinavian outdoor adventures
Strömsund, Jämtland


Discover the wilderness, dogsledding &  the lifestyle of the Swedish North.
Your Nordic adventure awaits you!

Nordic Winter Adventures

Glimmering snowflakes, frozen eyelashes, dogsledding & northern lights dancing above you. The Nordic winter is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Nordic Summer Adventures

Mythical, light nights & full of wildlife. Experience husky hikes under the the midnight sun & the magical light of the Nordic summerdays.

Nordic Autumn Adventures

Crisp winds & a nature dressed in yellows, oranges and reds. There's nothing quite as vibrant as the autumn season of the Scandinavian north.


IN I NORDEN was born out of our passion for the Swedish wilderness, seasons and the polardogs we share our lives with. Our business was ultimately created to meet a strong desire to spend more time working with what we feel passionately about; our dogs and lifestyle in the Swedish north.
Our vision and desire is to design and function as a breathing space from your everyday musts, stress and greyishness.

We want to be an oasis to return to, provide genuine experiences and be a part of a longlasting memory.

Genuine Experiences

IN I NORDEN is all about genuinity in atmosphere, the meeting with animals and humans, and in the credibility we wish to convey as creative entrepreneurs. We want to give you a very authentic experience - this is what we sell. Our aim is to show you the reality, rather than the beautified version of it. This is why we focus on our "open kennel philosophy" where you go behind the scenes and have the opportunity of a very hands-on-experience. 

Holistic Sustainability

We strive to work on a local and small scale basis, where we can run our business in a favourable way for the environment and the rural area we live in. Therefore, IN I NORDEN aim to actively support other small businesses located in the rural parts of Sweden, by collaborations and purchases. Sustainability, in our eyes, is also about our effort to live and work in a fashion that is both mentally, emotionally  and physically sustainable in the long run - for the nature, us humans and our animals.

Sharing Our Passion

We aim to truly convey the passion and love we feel towards this lifestyle in the north, our dogs and the meeting between animals, human and nature. We do what we do because we love it. That is our core and our driving force. We want you to feel that.

All About the Dogs

In every experience with IN I NORDEN and the RAXEIRA kennel we make sure to make room for you to spend time with the dogs. We believe that ethical tourism with animals should be about connection, communication and mutual respect. One of our core values is to handle our dogs with empathy and true knowledge. Our way of life should never be at the expense of the wellbeing of our furry family members and colleagues.